Morning Routine to Wake Up Like Trump - Winning!

     Imagine working all morning, flying across the country, and then delivering a two hour speech to thousands of MAGA hats in a sold out arena. President Trump has so much energy. "Dragon energy,” some call it.

     In this article, we will share the MAGAcloset morning routine that will give you energy to win like Trump. 

     1. Water

     Avoid caffeine as soon as you wake up. Hydrate with water.

     2. Make Your Bed

     Recommended by Dr. Jordan Peterson, and many others.

     “If you want to change the world, you start from yourself and work outward... I don’t know how you can go out and protest the structure of the entire economic system if you can’t keep your room organized,” Dr. Peterson said on Joe Rogan’s Podcast.

     3. Protein Shake

     Before going to the gym, I drink a healthy protein shake. There are plenty of recipes online from different nutritionists. 

     4. Workout

     I lift weights. But if you’re not into that, consider yoga or cardio. My morning workout gives me energy to start my day. Exercising is also proven to help those struggling with depression. The benefits are endless.

     5. Shower

     I like to be clean.

     6. Get dressed

     I dress to impress. I rock MAGAcloset gear because I’m proud to support President Trump.

     7. Breakfast

     I fuel my body with eggs and spinach. A light healthy meal with some protein. From my experience, sugary, fatty, and heavy breakfasts leave me sluggish for the day. 

     8. Green Tea

     Green tea has some caffeine to give me a little boost. It also has antioxidants. If you prefer coffee, I don’t see a problem with that! 

     I drink out of my Stable Genius Mug. Check out MAGAcloset premium mugs here:

     9. Meditation

     A simple tactic I use is to focus on my breath.  5 minutes is good if you’re a beginner. There are plenty of guided meditations online if you want some assistance.


Figure out how much time you need to complete your morning routine. 

Avoid distractions or negativity. 

Avoid social media. Your morning routine is about you and giving you the energy you need to have a successful day. Social media can be draining and filled with negativity.

Create momentum. Start with a small routine, and add to it if necessary. 


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