Top Gaffes by 2020 Democrat Presidential Candidates

Call them gaffes, mental mistakes, or the "beginning of the end" of their candidacy. Whatever you want to call it, these clips display the funniest/worst blunders by Democrat Presidential candidates.

1. Biden says "poor kids are just as bright as white kids."

2. Warren, drinking a beer, is surprised her husband is home.

 3. Biden chooses truth over facts.

4. Beto says walls are bad while being protected by a fence.

5. Kamala called Jussie Smollett's hoax a "modern day lynching." She was taken aback when a journalist confronted her about it.

 6. Biden blunders his closing remarks of the debate.

7. Biden, in New Hamphire, thinks he's in Vermont.

8. Eric Swalwell waits for an applause.

9. Kamala awkwardly giggling about paper straws.

10. Man calls President Trump "mentally retarded." Kamala laughs in response, and says, "Well said. Well said."

11. Booker's "I am Spartacus" moment.

12. Klobuchar tells cringe-worthy and awkward joke multiple times.

13. Bernie vs Punching Bag.

14. Bernie caught faking phone call to ignore reporter.

BONUS: Biden massages himself during apology.

BONUS 2: Jumpy Biden and Aggressive Bernie.

BONUS 3: Chariots of Firewater.



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