Have a question for us, MAGA family? We are here to help! Welcome to our MAGAcloset FAQ Guide to help you learn about our many MAGA products and features! Here, we provide information on some general questions our great MAGAcloset customers might have. Please feel free to use our convenient Contact Us page at any time to get in touch with a MAGAcloset Customer Service representative. Or send us an email at Contact@magacloset.com. We work hard to make sure any issues are handled immediately. We strive for 100% satisfaction!
  1. When can I expect my MAGAcloset order to be delivered? 

The MAGAcloset team gets to work as soon as you place an order. An estimated delivery time can be provided once your order has been released from production and transferred to the courier. Shipping times may vary. The current turnaround time for production is 3-5 business days plus between approximately 1-3 weeks for shipping. We strive to get you your items as fast as possible. 

  1. What if I entered in the wrong address information. Can I correct it?

We can try to make corrections to your order within 24 hours from the time that you submitted your purchase. Please contact us quickly at Sales@magacloset.com and let us know so we can try to fix it while we can. Unfortunately, we will not be able to correct the problem if you contact us after 24 hours. If that happens, our Customer Service team will work with you. You will be liable for reshipment costs once we have confirmed an updated address with you and the prior purchase has been returned.

  1. What if my MAGA apparel is slightly too small or too large? Can I return it and exchange it to a different size?

Please check the sizing charts before making a purchase. The sizing charts are reliable guides. Unfortunately, MAGAcloset is currently unable to process a return and exchange due to a size issue, because we do not hold inventory or stock.  

  1. What if I received a defective or damaged product? What should I do?

Please contact Customer Service at Sales@magacloset.com. If this has happened, we will immediately try to fix the problem. We will ask you to take a picture of what products you have received so we can verify your purchases. If we made the mistake, we will promptly go ahead and send you your correct order. You do not have to send the wrong product back to us. If you decline our offer to send you the correct item to correct the mistake, you will be given MAGAcloset store credits, equal to fifty percent of the amount you paid for the item.

  1. What if I just made an order but now I would like to cancel it?

Please order carefully. But if this happens, contact us in the first 24 hours since placing your order, and we will do our best to help you out and cancel your order, if possible. Please contact a MAGAcloset Customer Service representative at Sales@magacloset.com.

  1. What if I made an order a few days ago and it has not been shipped yet? Can I still cancel it?

All our products are made-to-order for our MAGAcloset customers. Orders are sent to production within 24 hours from the time that they are placed. After 24 hours, we can no longer cancel your order. Please bear in mind that production time may take up to 3-7 business days, and occasionally delays may occur during holidays.

  1. What if I got the wrong product. How can I get my correct order?

In the event of an incorrectly processed order, please immediately contact Customer Service at Sales@magacloset.com. Our Customer Service representative will ask you to take a picture of what you have received for verification purposes. Then we will check our order records to verify your claim. If we made the mistake, we will go ahead and immediately process and ship you your correct order. Errors on our part are covered at our expense.

  1. What if I received the shipping notification but I still haven't received my order?

Please contact the shipping company to check on your order. The tracking number is provided in the shipping notification that you have received. If your package was lost in the mail or missing, then please contact our Customer Service at Sales@magacloset.com and we will try to help find the order for you.

    9. Where are your products made and / or shipped from?

MAGAcloset strongly prefers selling products Made in the U.S.A. and many of our products are, but not all of them. Some products, in our effort to keep costs as low as possible for our MAGA family, are made and/or shipped from outside of the United States. We do our very best to keep this to a minimum.

   10.  What do the processing times involve?

Processing times for our customers include order verification, tailoring, quality checks and packaging to prepare for shipping. 

   11. What if my order includes more than one product, will they come in separate packages? 

If you place an order for several products, they might be shipped from multiple suppliers and will be shipped in separate packages. Our distribution centers are located in many places, so this is the fastest way to deliver our products to our MAGA family.

   12. Is shipping really 100% free? 

Yes! Shipping from MAGAcloset is 100% FREE! Shipping times may vary. Delivery is typically between 5 and 25 days. Once your products are shipped, you can receive tracking information so your items can be tracked until delivery is complete.